Rough Creed MCC


The first chapter of Rough Creed was established in Essex, England on the 6th January 2006. Our aims as a club are to unite like minded people with the lifestyle we choose as opposed to just motorcycling. We are an all male club but we strongly believe in family values where you will often see us at events with our partners, wives and kids. Our members range from the age of 18 as we encourage new blood to the biker scene, something that has been lacking in other clubs for many years. Encouraging the youngsters is the only way our lifestyle has any chance of surviving. Our older members, some in their sixties with their "old skool" values, go a long way in guiding our younger members on the principles of club & the bikers way of life. Rough Creed are a non-territorial motorcycle club which means we do not lay claim to any territory. We do fly an area patch but this is only to show where we are from & to which chapter we belong to. We are an MCC and fly our patches on the front of our cuts.

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