Saddletramps Motorcycle Club (Scotland)

Saddletramps Motorcycle Club Scotland were initially formed in November 1987.

Several of the founding members were ex patch wearers from various outlaw clubs, tired of the strict regime of outlaw club rules and constant atmosphere of potential violence.

The concept was simple – a group of bikers, passionate about the motorcycle culture and way of life in Scotland, but without any formal rules or command structure.

There would be a rudimentary hierarchy, Chairman and Vice-Chairman but decisions would be a democratic process, each member voting freely. Also the club would not claim any formal status such as MC or MCC, neither would it claim to belong to any particular territory.

Furthermore membership could be gained by simply having a bike and paying the £5 fee for a side patch, worn generally on the arm. This worked initially to build up numbers but later was changed to having to attend a pre-defined amount of club runs.

Saddletramps Motorcycle Club Scotland

Saddletramps Motorcycle Club Scotland

After a couple of initial meetings at The Pear Tree bar in Edinburgh’s Newington, the meetings moved to a more regular venue at The Coburg Bar between Leith and Newhaven. This continued for some time before moving again to Ryries Bar in Edinburgh’s Haymarket area. Meet-ups have once again changed venue, but are still a regular part of the club calendar to this day.

In the early years, a big emphasis on charity events such as the annual blood run and toy runs for the woman’s refuge ensured a fair amount of publicity for the club, contributing to the image of the club as serious bikers but not troublemakers and meant nationwide recognition within the motorcycling club fraternity.

Saddletramps Motorcycle Club Scotland

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