Scarab MC (Germany)

Germany / Nomads

Our Roots Lie In The Netherlands And Originally Date Back To 2005. The Motorcycle Club Scarab MC Was Founded In 2013 In Amsterdam.

The focus is on motorcycling, a club, a thought and a respectful relationship with us and also less connected friends. Our roots lie in the Netherlands and originally date back to 2005. We are not a supporter club and whoever wants to get to know us, let us know!
The motorcycle club Scarab was founded in 2013 in Amsterdam. The color consists of a yellow scarab in a black circle and as a lettering the color yellow on a black background.
The club currently consists of 3 chapters, including one in the Netherlands. The Scarab MC is close to the Japanese motorcycle club Zipangu, but does not support anyone and always keeps hidden, does not interfere in any disputes of clubs or biker scene.

As a motorcycle club we strive for a peaceful coexistence of the members and the scene. The club constitution clearly states that transgressions are punishable immediately when dealing with other clubs. We see the scene in transition and wish us old values, transported to today’s time. First and foremost, we are motorcyclists of all brands and sizes, we want to actively oppose right-wing populism and continue to hope for support.

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