Sentinels Section IX (Group)

Sentinels Section IX are an online bikers group with no subs or stupid rules just a bunch of friends and associates who come and go whenever or wherever they like.
Only members can see who’s in the group and what they post.

Some of us have social nights out together and ride out together as much as possible.

As this is an online club some members could be many miles away or even in other countries but we will do our best to arrange get-togethers and keep in touch wherever you are.

We have a patch that is non-profit making, you will pay exactly what they cost as you will with all club merchandise. You do not have to wear a patch to be in this group it is entirely your own decision.

We are old-school bikers with old-school values, we want people who like to have fun and will post photos of their travels, bikes, good times, etc. We believe that respect is earned and given in return.

We have no politics and are nothing to do with any MC, MCC, or RC of a similar name. We are a peace-loving group that welcomes people of all ages who care about most things in life. Show the world the good days with tales of your biking exploits.

You can also post events and sales, anything to do with motorcycles.
Please treat this club page with respect just as you would with any organization.

Sentinels Section IX membership will be granted at the discretion of our admin all questions must be answered and rules agreed with If you wish to wear our patch and become a full riding member and join our private page please message us or contact us by email at

Sentinels Section IX

Sentinels Section IX

Sentinels Section

Please contact admin if this is or was your motorcycle club and you wish to add, edit or remove any of this content.

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