Totenkopf MCC (Scotland)


Totenkopf Is The German Word For The Skull And Crossbones And Death's Head Symbols. The Totenkopf Symbol Is An Old International Symbol For Death, Danger Or The Dead, As Well As Piracy.

Formed In 2014, Totenkopf MCC are NOT affiliated to any political movement or any other organisation. We are a motorcycle club primarily based in East Kilbride but we do have members further south west in the country . We are a smaller old school club with old school values and although we do not actively recruit if you think you might be right for us and us right for you then get in contact via pm. Ladies, learners and law enforcement members we are not the club for you.

Totenkopf MCC (Scotland)

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Cecil Braithwaite
Cecil Braithwaite
26/09/2020 15:25

Named after the elite SS Panzer unit?