Valkyrie Owners Club


Valkyrie Owners Club is an International Club for the Honda Valkyrie, classic and modern owners. Established January 2016.

We are a small group of owners who were feeling a little isolated up in the frozen north of England from all the VRCC club activity “down south”. So we decided we’d start a small riding group, call ourselves Dragon Masters and just do what we enjoy, ride our bikes and party.

We aim to be a member’s led club and welcome any suggestions registered members put forward, relating to our internet presence and events or indeed any other club issues. Each area has a designated Club Representative (Rep).

Our mission statement you can see on our home page. The motto is keep it simple and we think we have. At the end of the day it is about riding the mighty Honda Valkyrie. While we have built structure into the club we have also made it our aim to be transparent in our operation. Aspects of this will become apparent as we move forward. We have a Facebook presence for day to day chit chat. Again feel free to join the group there. We are also aware that not everybody “does” Facebook, so any items specifically relating to the club will be copied to the main forum.

Valkyrie Owners Club

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