Vikings MC Ireland


Vikings MC Are One Of The Oldest 1% MC Back-Patch Clubs In Ireland. Vikings MC Ireland Hold An Annual Custom, Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show.

In 1973, four of the Surrey based Viking members moved to Ireland to start a new Viking Chapter there. By 1975, Hells Angels Vikings MC (HAVMC) was well established in Dublin. Further to this Vikings MC Nomad Chapters arose out of Carlow, Wexford, and Cork. Today the four Chapters proudly fly the “Ireland” Bottom Rocker. Before August 1997 they flew the “Nomad” Bottom Rocker.
From a small planted acorn our tree of life was born, it now has many branches, it continues to grow stronger, from its roots upwards. Our history is buried in those roots, we cannot see them nevertheless they are there. Vikings MC Nomad, Vikings MC England, Vikings MC Surrey, Vikings MC Sussex, Vikings MC Ireland.

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