Warlocks MC (Lincolnshire) (UK)

UK Lincolnshire

Warlocks MC Are Truly Grateful For The Commitment And Dedication Of Our Founder, Grub. Brothers In The Warlock Nation Will Say "God Is Good But Grub Is Great!"

In the beginning, February 1967, with the Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Shangri-La cruising the Mediterranean sea on a 8 month deployment with the Sixth Fleet, aboard are Thirteen young Sailors starting to think about what they will do after their service in the Navy was over.
As they were all fanatic motorcycle enthusiasts, who liked to party, they all decided to start a Motorcycle Club.
Agreeing on the name Warlocks, One of the thirteen designed the Blazing style Eagle, Which to this day, is unchanged on the backs of all Warlocks Brothers.

March 1994 Daytona Bike week, a couple of bikers on holiday from Lincolnshire England, arranged to meet Jill McClendon a sister of a friend, who was a resident of Florida. It was through this meeting that Jill introduced them to the mother chapter of the Warlocks Orlando Florida. Over the next two years a mutual friendship developed and permission was granted to start up the second European chapter, the first one being Germany. Since then we have never looked back, growing in numbers with members spread across the whole of the county of Lincolnshire.
There are currently three chapters of Warlocks in England.

Warlocks MC (Lincolnshire) (UK)

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Ray morrow
Ray morrow
23/05/2017 17:43

Sorry to bother you brethren but tony lyonns dosnt know about this i work at sea with tony and he is a brilliant kid thing is you no his girl freind died yesterday in a tra i hope to fuk you lads are there for him as we are ive started donations now as tony has nothing been a sea man family comes firsts sorry if uve caused upset years ago my family had loads to do with certain chapters hoppfully we will unite and look after him and her god bless niomi