Blue Angels MC (Glasgow)

Scotland Glasgow

Their Colours Design Was Unique Then And Even Today As Not Many Similar Designs Exist, Such Is The Pride That They Copyrighted Them In 1997

The Blue Angels Are The Oldest Outlaw Biker Club In Europe, Established In 1963 And Still As Strong Today.
Coming from Glasgow, most of our runs were to England where it was warmer. We met bikers from England and they became the Sheffield and Leeds chapters. We started a chapter in London with Igor and friends but we didn’t give it enough support and they broke up. We also made friends with the Road Rats London who were tuned into our wavelength. The travelling would go on, time would go on, some died, but fresh blood would replace them, more wars came, biker wars this time, as savage as biker wars are, but yesterdays enemies are today’s friends and yesterdays foes look down their noses at the new kids on the block who don’t have the wounds and scar tissue or the traditions of the old combatants.

"The Blue Gang" became prevalent on the walls of Glasgow and it’s outskirts towns began to see alongside local gang graffiti, slogans such as Blue Angels OK, Blue Angels, Best in the west, these slogans started to appear on the hill roads, on mountain passes and as the Blue Gang travelled the slogans appeared in places like the Ace Café, the Busy Bee, various truck stops and transport cafes and further a field like the Eiffel Tower and the Necropolis in Athens.

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