Brotherhood Quest Riding Society


We are a dedicated group of brothers and sisters, all with history, some good and some, well not so much.

We have put any transgressing aside as long as it does not interfere with the safety of our membership. We come from all walks of life and careers. Most of our members are older more experienced and one of our goals is to pass on old school values to our younger people.
We are both men and women that have come together chasing a dream. The dream of brotherhood the way it used to be. The days when the friendly wave meant more than "I see you", it was kinship, knowing you shared the feeling of freedom the open road brings. Days when you would stop when you saw another bike along side the road, no matter what. Gathering together, making new friends beneath a bridge in the rain, or finding relief from the blistering sun under cover of a tree. These days seem to be vanishing, so we have decided to have a revival, as it were, of these old school values, Loyalty, Integrity and Trust. These traits command, and will bring, Honour and Respect.

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