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Vikings MC was First Established In Late 1969, In Surrey, England. As Such Vikings MC Are One Of The Oldest MC Back-patch Clubs In England.

Our colours are blue and black on white with black borders. Our Centre-Patch is a Viking Death’s Head facing forward. Our Death’s Head nickname is “Happy Larry” ©1986. Larry’s colours are grey, brown, yellow, black, white and red.
In 1969, when the Club was formed, the Club name was “Hells Angels Vikings M.C.”. H.A.V.M.C were not affiliated to any other Hells Angels type Club and remained an independent unit run for its members by its members.
The change of Back-Patches in 1980 was mainly due to the fact that H.A.V.M.C was a rogue and uncharted club. Its members wished to remain an Independent Club run by the members within it, without any outside intervention. In early years H.A.V.M.C had many run-ins with other Clubs in England and remained in a constant state of war with certain Clubs within England whilst flying the uncharted Back-Patches.
In 1980, many of the Hells Angels in England had banded together and were in the final stages of getting all of the Hells Angels in England to fly under the one banner. The Vikings were invited to the early meeting of the Hells Angels to discuss the formation of the All-England Hells Angels, but declined their offer after they realized that they would come under the control of the Hells Angels and the International intervention that joining would entail. Many of the rogue uncharted H.A. Clubs in England resisted joining the All England Hells Angels but one by one these Chapters conformed to the request of the chartered Chapters culminating in all of the H.A. Chapters in England joining together to form the All England Hells Angels.
The Vikings had controlled their own destiny and would continue to do so by their own will under the new Back-Patch of Vikings M.C. Nomad. The Vikings are proud of their independence and continue to live their lives as they see fit to do so.
1980 to Present: In England, the Sussex Chapter arose. Their Back-Patches had a “Nomad” Bottom Rocker before they claimed the “Sussex” Bottom Rocker. Both the French Chapter and the Italian Chapter both retain the “Nomad” Bottom Rocker, as did the Irish Chapter until 1997. In August 1987, the Irish Chapter claimed the “Ireland” Bottom Rocker.

Over the years, Vikings M.C has grown strong. All Chapters are run by the individual members, for its members, each as an independent Club in its own right able to make its own decisions without interference from outside forces. All Chapters retain close ties with the many Chapters now present. Each Chapter has its own specific rules by which they abide by, yet we all exist and stand together in times of trouble. In quieter times we stand alone in our own independence and have democracy as was intended by our founder members.

We are our own men, we answer only to ourselves and dance to nobody’s tune but our own, such is out destiny by method of continuous improvement and expansion without question. We continue with the pioneering spirit that our Club name suggests.

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